MPA to host multiple sessions at AES in New York


This is year 12 of our Manhattan Producers Alliance/AES relationship. During those years we have produced close to 100 AES events including panels, exhibits, film score workshops and business development events; with help from Apple we turned our mid town recording facility into a giant, fiber channel sample server, demoed brain-computer-music interfaces and mentored 100s of students at events both on and off site in New york, San francisco and Los Angeles

This year at AES we are excited to reprise some of our most popular presentations plus offer cutting edge discussions on immersive audio and a unique program that will attempt to confront the ever-present “Elephant in the Room” .. how to maximize your creative process.

Abstracts of our 4 sessions are below.  See you at the show!


Wednesday, October 18, 9:30 am — 11:00 am (1E14)
Spatial Audio: SA02 – Riding the Faders: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve in Immersive Audio
Brennan Anderson, Senior Audio Producer, Pyramind Studios – San Francisco, CA, USA
Steve Horelick, Steve Horelick Music
Paul Special, Special Audio Sevices – Wantage, NJ, USA; ABC/Disney Television – New York, NY, USA
Richard Warp, Intonic – Emeryville, CA, USA
VR, AR and XR have highlighted the importance of sound for “presence” in all content types from live TV to film to games. This represents a unique opportunity for audio professionals. But making the transition to the new world of immersive realities is no easy task. Here you will learn from industry professionals who are creating new 3D audio workflows and growing professional networks while remaining firmly grounded in their craft. The Manhattan Producers’ Alliance is a New York/San Francisco-based membership organization comprised of engineers, composers and producers. Our focus is on nurturing personal creativity within the art and craft of music making.
Wednesday, October 18, 5:00 pm — 6:00 pm (1E13)
Game Audio & VR: GA03 – Immersive Audio & VR/AR: A Traveler’s Guide to the Growing Landscape of Experiential Audio
Josh Antonuccio, Ohio University – Athens, OH, USA
Richard Warp, Intonic – Emeryville, CA, USA
Audio is going to be essential for creating immersive experiences, but what should the aspiring producer or engineer learn in order to excel, and how is higher education responding to the skills gap in this new field? This session is led by Josh Antonuccio, lecturer at the School of Media Arts and Studies at Ohio University and co-creator of the Immersive Media Initiative, and Richard Warp, founder of Intonic and VR audio professional. Topics include workflows and technology for immersive platforms, considerations for working with spatial audio, and the growing need for audio development expertise within augmented and virtual reality. Enjoy a fascinating “fireside” discussion covering educational, technical, and professional aspects of producing audio in the domain of “the 3 Rs”–VR, AR, and MR.
Friday, October 20, 3:15 pm — 4:45 pm (1E10)
Audio for Cinema: AC09 – Bridging the Gap between Creativity & Technology: Working with Composers on Film and Media Projects
Joe Carroll, Manhattan Producers Alliance – New York, NY, USA
Frank Ferrucci, Manhattan Producers Alliance: VP – New York, NY, USA; Leenalisa Music: Composer/Producer
This session presented by NYC Composer/Producer and Manhattan Producers Alliance VP Frank Ferrucci gives a behind the scenes look into the technological challenges composers and engineers face when collaborating on film, television, and other visual media projects. The presentation addresses some less obvious but no less important ways that Music Engineers and Film Mixers can work best with composers and how technology can be used to help this collaboration be as seamless as possible.
Saturday, October 21, 9:00 am — 10:30 am (1E10)
EC13 – Irons in the Fire: Career Development and Business Mentoring for Independent Music Creatives
Joe Carroll, Manhattan Producers Alliance – New York, NY, USA
Harold Chambers, Principal Recording Engineer, Pittsburgh Symphony
Andy Schwartz, Manhattan Producers Alliance – New York, NY, USA; Local 802, AFM
Carl Tatz, Carl Tatz Design – Nashville, TN, USA
Paul Special, Special Audio Sevices – Wantage, NJ, USA; ABC/Disney Television – New York, NY, USA
Thursday, October 19, 10:30 am — 12:00 pm (Stage 2)
PSE07 – Finesse the Mess: Maximizing Your Creative Process
Joe Carroll, Manhattan Producers Alliance – New York, NY, USAWe have best practices for miking techniques and mixing, and tips and hacks for using every piece of gear in the studio. However, the most essential item in every studio Is one that we rarely talk about: your brain.
If you have struggled with “writers block,” agonized over the final “finishing touches” of a project or had a conflict with a co-writer or collaborator this event is for you.
Our group of creatives will discuss best practices for collecting, cultivating and manipulating ideas and provide a framework for expanding your personal creativity. In addition, we hope offer some tools for working with collaborators and navigating the creative process.


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